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When I'm Sixty Five

When I’m Sixty Five

This about my life.  It might not be accurate, but it includes my hopes and dreams.

It all started, well you know, with the whole birth and stuff, but let’s just skip over that part.

From 2009 to 2014 I want to Glenview Primary School.  Then came Melville Intermediate for two years.  From 2017-2023 I attended Melville High.  I did really well even though the work was really hard.

After High School I had my dream job in mind, so I set out to find an S.P.C.A.  I was looking and looking and the only one I found was in Frankton.  I thought about it and knew it was the right job for me.  The first day was like your first day of school and you don’t want to leave your mum and dad.  Well instead of your mum and dad it’s your car.  But I was a big girl and walked in.  After three months of training I was a master and I loved animals more and more everyday.  I grew a special love for a few cats and one dog.

I was still only young and lonely and I needed a man.  It was my friend’s sweet sixteen and she invited everyone from our old school, so all my old crushes were there.  I got to see all my old friends. I thought this party couldn’t get any better… but it did.

Now this is the part where I meet my husband.  This is important so read this carefully. I thought this party couldn’t get any better, but it did! My BIGGEST crush (now husband) came and started talking to me. One of my old friends purposely pushed me him into me.  I dropped my purse and went to pick it up and so did he.  As soon as we picked up everything we came up at the same time and we looked into each others eyes and, well one thing led to another, and now we have been happily married for forty two years.

We have one boy and two girls, but I have more than three babies. My cats and dog mean sooo much to me and my husband too.

I still work at the S.P.C.A. , but because my kids had to go to university I had to get a new job to help pay for it.  Now I run a successful business selling pets and pet products to loving owners.

Now I’m cooped up in my home, old and rickety, but still loving life just the way it is.

by Kylie

Kids’ Commando Challenge 2014

On a freezing morning, I wanted to get back into my turtle shell, but I had to go to the Commando Challenge.  It was on the 5th of October.  When me and my excited family got there we watched the energetic adults finish their race.  I went over to practice the obstacle course for my race.  Then a voice that seemed to come from another dimension squawked over the loudspeaker.  Me and some other kids that were doing the race searched for the mystery voice, but it turned out to be right next to us, but the speakers were in a totally different place.


It was race time.   We all lined up in our age groups.   When it was my turn to race my heart was beating as fast a cheetah. ”On your marks, get set,Go!!”  I paced myself, slow and steady wins the race I said to myself. Slowly I noticed I was in last so I sped up and got into the top twenty.  I heard one of the adults say, “One more corner to go.”  So I raced myself to the obstacle course. I beat most people at walking the plank.  I dived under the net, I tied my  legs with elastic and hopped like a bunny rabbit and took off the elastic and raced through the slalom like a slithery snake. I went over the hurdles like a kangaroo.  The hurdle was about half a metre high. I thundered through the tyres like a thunderbolt.   Other people went through daintily, but I was in a hurry, like a monkey, to get to the finish line and get my banana.


As I crossed the finish line I heard a voice saying, “Cole and Harry just finished the Kids Commando Challenge with a time of 21 minutes and 32 seconds. ” My highlight of the day was meeting a gold medalist David Nyika. He is a boxer and I got a photo with him. His dream is to be the best of the best in boxing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.58.57 am

By Cole James Findon

The End

Ciaran, Shaune and Flynn found an Ender Portal. It transported them to The End.

Today we went to The End. Standing on the Portal we felt nauseous. We felt butterflies fluttering in our tummies. When we went through it felt really fast like 1000kph. Numbers and times tables and rainbows were flashing by us. We dropped into The End. As we fell we could see Endermen heads with their mouths wide open. It was terrifying and we couldn’t breathe.

We opened up our eyes and saw a confused Ender Dragon swooping down towards us. Ducking, felt the dragon’s talons clawing at our backs and ripping our t-shirts.

The dragon flung us towards an obsidian pillar. We crash landed on an Ender Crystal on top of the pillar. Looking down we could see hundreds of Endermen with their mouths wide open. We jumped off the pillar and up in the sky we spotted another Ender Dragon. We dug down to try to escape and collapsed into a pit of sand surrounded by chests.

To be continued…

By Ciaran, Flynn and Shaune (kezza005, flynnster297, gg gamer)

Bad Choices for Unhealthy Yummy Reasons

Everyone knows it can be hard to eat healthy foods because people get addicted to junk food and they forget about the better choices.

Did you know that veggies and fruits can increase you stamina so you don’t have to rest every ten minutes. That’s amazing.

Remember that if you eat too many bad foods you can get fat. So if you eat things that are bad for you, like sugar and lollies etc, you will start to get pockets of fat and then you start to expand. When you walk it’s hard because your weight is weighing down your own body.

There is a doctor called Dr David H Haslam who works at the National Obesity Forum. He says that carbohydrates are more damaging than butter or cream. Also sugar can give you diabetes and memory loss.


By Georgia

How I Broke My Arm

Today at 7:30am I broke my arm.

How I broke it
So I was on a stool and then I fell down on to the carpet with my body and the stool on top of my arm. Mum took me to Anglesea Clinic where a lady called Colleen checked my arm. We then went to the x-ray place called River Radiology. After we got the x-rays done we went back to Anglesea Clinic so they could check the x-rays.

I had broken my arm. They said it was called a green stick break. So they put a cast on and then my mum took me back to school.
Next Wednesday on the 20th of August I will get to choose a colour for my cast. I would like to choose the colour purple or blue.

By Taya

What Happens to Sprouts When You Eat Them?

By Edward

Taya’s Dinner Menu


Roasted veges with salad.


Lamb shanks with roasted tomato and boiled onions.


Fruit puree and boiled apples.


Smoothies, water, milk.

by Taya