My Family Treasure


My family treasure is a wooden cabinet. 

It used to belong to my great-grandad. 

It is special to me because it reminds me of my great-grandad.


Emu Egg


My family treasure is an emu egg.

My great grandad got it in Australia in 1945. 

It’s very special because it is very old.  It’s sixty two years old.


Coke Bottle

My family treasure is my nana’s coke bottle.

My nana’s uncle gave my nana a coke bottle, but it still had coke in it. 

He died in a car crash and she was very sad.  

It’s special because it reminds my nana of her uncle.


My Great, Great Grandmother’s Painting


My family treasure is an old painting that my great, great grandmother painted because she was a painter.

She was born in 1890 in Stratford or New Plymouth.  Her name was Ethel Jane Linn.  She painted it in 1908 when she was 18.  She would be 117 years old now if she was alive. It hangs on the bedroom wall at my nana’s house.

One day it will be passed down to my mum.  My mum will probably pass it down to my oldest sister called Casey.


Grandad’s Photo


When my grandad was young he took a photo of his dad and mum.  His dad and mum have died now because they were too old.  It is the only photo of them.

It is special because it reminds me of my grandad.


The Walking Stick


This walking stick was carved for my great-grandfather.  It is 65 years old. 

My great-grandfather was George Stockman.  He was born in 1903 and died in 1989. Parts of the carving on the walking stick represent ancestors (in Maori we call them “tupuna”).  The carvings are inlaid with paua shell and sparkle in the sun. 

My grandfather used this walking stick as a symbol of his “mana” when he spoke on the various marae around the Tainui area. 

This walking stick will pass on to a senior male member of the family, who is my father.  Then, one day, it will be passed on to me, because I am the eldest son.


Napkin Holder


My family treasure is a silver napkin holder.

My great-grandmother got it for her 21st birthday.

She passed it on to me when I was born because she wanted to keep it in the family.