World War 2 Medals


My family treasures are two army medals.

They are the Italy Star and the Defence Medal. They are from World War 2 in 1945. They are great-grandad’s medals.

They are special because they remind me of my great-grandad.

T. B.

Pink Wedding Dress


My family treasure is my pink wedding dress with tiny flowers across the front and some ties to tie around your back in a bow.

When I was a flower girl at my mum’s wedding I kept running around in it because I liked it so much.  The wedding was at the Hamilton Gardens. I was two years old when my mum bought it for me in 2001.

It didn’t get passed down from anyone.  My mum just bought it for me.  I will pass it down to my oldest daughter.  Now I keep it in my treasure box in my mum and dad’s wardrobe.

S. O.

The Gurkha Knife Shield


I have a gurkha knife shield that my poppa got while he was in the Malayan War.

My Poppa was in the NZ Army in the early 1960s.  Poppa’s name was Dudley, he was in the Malayan War.  Malaya is a small country in central Asia. 

The shield is about forty four years old.  It is special because it reminds me of my Poppa.  It used to belong to him.

S. W.

My Family Treasure

My family treasure is a photo album.

It belonged to my mum’s mum.  My mum’s mum is dead.

It’s important because my mum’s mum was kind to my mum and helped her with things that were hard to do.

It reminds me of her as part of my family.

R. S.

Family Treasures

Family Stuff

My Family Treasures are a Fisher family shield and the World Book of Fishers.

They are my dad’s. He got them in Wellington ten years ago.

They are special because they will be passed through the Fisher family as a family heirloom.


The Plate


This plate was given to my great great grandmother and great great grandfather as a gift on their wedding day.

The plate is from the early 1910’s. It has been passed down from my great-great grand parents to my great grandmother and then to my grandad.

It is very detailed. It has a flower in the middle and patterns on the outside.
It reminds me of my great-great grandmother, even though I never met her.

Medals and Spoons

My family treasures are some medals and some spoons.


My dad’s grandad went to war. He fought for New Zealand in World War 2 and he got these medals.


My dad’s grandad gave him these spoons before he died. They are made of silver.