On Monday Margaret, Wayne,dad, my mum and me went fishing in Wayne’s boat in the ocean near Mount Manganui and we saw lots of different creatures, like a granddaddy hapuku and a penguin. The penguins were bobbing up and down in the water and then they dived down to feed, but it was just at the time that our boat rocked heaps.

Margaret caught an octopus and as it came up to the surface of the sea it spat water at us and it spat the hook out. There were also mutton birds that steal your bait. One of them was sitting on the water and Wayne cast his line and it chased it down into the sea to get Wayne’s bait. I saw a kingfisher hovering over the water.


A Snapper

A Snapper




We caught six snappers but we only kept three because three of them were too small. The granddaddy hapuku was ugly. Everyone called it a rock cod. In the boat I sat on the bow. We did not eat any fish but Wayne and Margaret did. There was hardly any fish fillets.


Dragon’s Footprint


Story coming… from M.M

Giant Gem


I bought this giant gem. I found it at this old chinese shop.  They were selling it for five bucks. So the next day I decided to buy it. I really liked it and was doing tricks wih it. The next day my brother told me it was a fake, so I started arguing with him and I tested it.  I scraped it across the ground and it chipped, but it was all right so Mr F took a photo of it at school.  I brought it to school again, but when I was at after-school care someone pushed me over.  It cracked it, so I never bring it to school again and where I bought is a closely guarded secret.

by E.A.W

Player of the Day Trophy


This is my trophy. I got it for shooting a goal. I am in Glenview Sapphires. I was versing Te Rapa Dolphins. I was playing Goal Keep and Wing Attack.


The Two Towers


It seems that whenever it rains and we have a wet lunchtime, the boys build the tallest towers that they can.

The one on the left is made from Lego and the pieces are joined together, but the one on the right is made from Cuisinaire Blocks and is totally free standing.

It must have taken a long time and a lot of teamwork to build to that height.

I wonder how many times it fell down?

Player of the Day Ribbon


This is my player of the day ribbon for rugby. I got it one year ago from Hamilton Old Boys. I have more. I have another one from a different team. It is yellow and black.