Tane’s Weta

In the beginning Tane created a forest with big, beautiful trees and bees buzzing, birds singing and insects making noises.

One night Tane was walking in the forest and with his big feet he stood on five weta and killed them. He said sorry to their mums and dads.

The next day he made five new groups of weta. the first group were the giant weta and were to live in bark and bushes. The second group were the ground weta and were to live in holes in the ground. The third group were tree weta and were to live in trees. Nearly at the end were the tusked weta to live on rocks. Finally, at the end were the cave weta to live in caves.

They set off on their trips to their new homes. Some went far and some went near. Soon they were out of Tane’s sight and started their new lives.

But Tane became very lonely. He made a town and he lived a new life too and he wasn’t lonely anymore.

Retold by K.A.L.