Our Treaty


My Rocks


I found some rocks at my opa and oma’s so I made them into a rock person.  I asked my opa if he could glue it together and he did.  Then I put some gold dust on it.

by D.C.P.

About My Ear

Max ear

On Friday I went to the doctors.  Then I went to the hospital.  We had to go up about three elevators because it was so high.  They took a polaroid picture of my ear.  I had to hold the photo while they put the anaesthetic around my ear.  Then they pulled off the lump on my ear and put it in a little jar.  They put a plaster on my ear because it might start bleeding.  Then we went back down the three elevators and went back home.

by M.P.

All About My Angel Apple


On Tuesday I had an apple.  It turned out to be an angel apple.  How could it be done?  All I did was have an apple and bite it with my teeth.  Thankyou  apple.

by H.B.

My Coins


I found some coins on Tuesday in a little container with all these other little things as well.  They are from Australia.

by A.D.H.

My Big Weta


When I went to my pop’s house I saw a cat bowl.  I moved the cat bowl and I found a weta.  Me and Izzak and pop’s friend put it in a container.  We put silver-beet in it.

Later dad came and picked us up.  Then we went home.

by R.M.T.

The Bird’s Nest


At my mum’s friends house I found a bird’s nest.  It was by the chooks house near the tree.  It was in an ice cream container and it had a chicken egg in it.   The chicken egg didn’t belong to the nest.  I brought the nest to school to show everyone.

by S.A.W.