Joseph and the Volcano


This is a volcano. It is at Camp Whakamaru. It has no lava in it because it is hundreds of years old.

by J.L.

Shiny Headed Mum

 Mum 1
This is my mum getting her hair shaved.

These are the men who owned the place.  My mum shaved her hair for the Cancer Society.  She raised $600.

My mum did the Relay For Life.

by M.L.S.


In 2007 I was doing marching in Wellington. I got two badges for doing good marching, keeping straight arms and keeping in time. They have two girls on them and are made of metal. I might sew them on my sash with my other two badges. I have four badges altogether.
by C.J.J.T-H.
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Me and my sister and my mum and dad drove to Rotorua.  We went to Blue Lake.

When we had set up camp we went for a swim.  Then we went
on the luge.  You go up on a chair lift and you go down on a cart.

We went home and I was tired.

by T.L.

My Book of Pets


Cats and Kittens

Some cats have a long tail that helps a cat to balance. Kittens love to play together. Pointed ears help cats to hear. Cats sniff the air to smell food and other cats. But when dogs are around cats can scratch.

by S.C.T.