Hunting and Fishing

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On Friday Dad took my friend and me fishing on my dads friends boat I got my first fish. After a while I got a sea sick pill then I came right. Dad and I caught the biggest snapper and we won an ice cream.

On Saturday the 19th I got up at 4.00 in the morning.  Me and dad saw some  helicopters.  We got to see the sun come up.  After a while we saw some trains.  I got to see a rabbit it was so cute.  Then we had a stop for dad.  Then we went again.  Dad told me a story about two wild pigs that crossed the road but they did not get hit by a car. I saw some sheep out of their pen. We almost hit three sheep but they got out of the way. I think we saw twenty of them but it might be eleven I don’t know.  Then we were there.

We got out of the car  and got all the stuff out.  Then we went for a walk. We stopped at a river. Dad went first then I went to a mountain of dirt. I put my foot in the wet water, but I had gumboots on my feet. Then I got up on the ground and we started to walk.  We stopped again.  I was getting hungry and thirsty.  We stopped at a tree that looked liked a camel and I called it camel tree.  It looked funny and I put some grass in it’s mouth and it was funnier than it looked before I put the grass in it’s mouth.

Then we got walking.  After a while we got to a little creek.  Dad said “Do you want some help?”
I said “No thank you.  I am fine because it is not that deep.  It is about up to my foot.”  I saw a cup in a tree.
Dad said “That is our cup. We drink out of the creek.  Do you want to taste it?”

to be continued…

by ArtSha

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Computer Fun


I had lots of fun on the computer when Dylan bashed Jamie on the Playstation portable. It was funny when Dylan won the last coin in the game.

guest writing by M.H.

Robot Car

Picture coming…

When it was last year at my old school the teachers chose me to go to Mystery Creek. I went on a bus. It was a long way. When we got there we gave the person the ticket and we got some food and we played on the rides.

Then we went to Santa and I got a suitcase and car and a toy.

It was a fun day.

by S.M.P.K

Fat Finger False Fire Alarm


It was 5:15pm and I’d just packed my bags and things into the van ready to go home.  I checked that everything was off and walked over to the switch to turn off the lights before leaving. As I approached the door I noticed the fire alarm on the wall. Its plastic screen had been pushed out and had fallen down inside the case.

“Oh no!” I mumbled to myself, “Someone has knocked the fire alarm. I’d better try and fix it.”

I curled my fingers down behind the transparent plastic to lift out the screen and put it back in its place. That’s when it all went wrong…

My knuckles caught the switch and a little, bright, red light began to flash. Less than a second later something much worse happened. One of the loudest alarms I’d ever heard began blaring out from the ceiling. Wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo it squealed loudly. A few seconds later a voice called out, “Evacuate the building using the nearest fire exit.” On and on it went, repeating its safety message.*

I ran to the office, passing two or three teacher and the cleaners on the way. They’d all followed the warning and were outside in the drizzle wondering what was happening. Wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo! The deafening noise made talking impossible, so I pointed two thumbs to my chest and smiled to show that it was all my fault.

At the office I couldn’t find a way to silence the alarm. My next thought was to phone the Fire Brigade and tell them not to come. I flicked quickly through the Yellow Page. Wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo! Fire alarms, Fire Doors, Fire Engineers, Fire extinguishers, Fire Protection, Fire Safety, Fireguards, Fireplaces, Firewood and Fireworks. I just couldn’t find anything about Fire Brigades. Wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo, wheee-oooo! Finally I picked up the Telephone Book and looked in the blue pages at the front. There it was, Hamilton Fire Station. It rang a few times before someone answered. “I’m sorry but I’ve accidentally set off the fire alarm and I don’t know how to turn it off. Please don’t bother sending a truck out.”
“That’s ok,” said a mans voice, “We can send someone out to do that for you.”

About fifteen minutes later a huge fire truck pulled up outside the school and two firemen hopped down from their seats. I felt such a fool. A great, big orange truck and at least four firemen just to turn off the alarm. Anyway they did it quickly and then drove away.

I had to ring the principal and tell him what had happened. He said he’d sort it all out in the morning.

I know that everyone will be talking about it tomorrow and they’ll be laughing about what happened. Maybe they’ll even have a funny nickname for me. The Alarming Mr F? Fiery Mr F? Thank goodness it was a false alarm though.

I know what I’m doing first in the morning. I’ll find Mr Anderson and ask him to fix what I couldn’t. Let’s hope he’s better at repairing alarms than I am!

By Mr F

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On Friday I found a Praying Mantis on the field. How did I really find it? I looked on the ground and I saw it. It’s a pregnant one.

I took it into the classroom and Mr F took a photo of it.  I let it go on the tree.

by PedMax

The Tooth is Out


On Thursday I went to John’s Dental Clinic.

I had to go there because I had to get my tooth out because I had a cavity in my tooth.  They had to put an injection in my mouth and then some cream in my mouth to make it sleep.

Then they got the puller and got it out.