The Marae Visit


On Monday the 26th of May all of the year 4’s went to Otawhao college marae. 

First we had to come to school to get everyone my grandma was here so she came with me and my mum my grandma said “Wow there is only three people”.

Me, my mum and my grandma took Taya-Lee, Ce’nedra, and Sophia it was fun. I took a bowl because I was sick.  I was throwing up. I didn’t like it but the marae was fun.  Whaea Rangi taught us some songs. we learnt the fruit haka and This is What You Have to Do.  It was fun.

Then we had morning tea. We had an apple drink and a biscuit then Mr Fawcett told us what group we were in.

I got in to my group. I was in group 5 and we all had 15 minutes on each activity. My group started on the haka. My grandma taught the girls and two college boys taught the boys. Then we moved on to the short poi and my grandma taught it. Then a college girl came outside and she taught us.

Then we went on to the long poi. My grandma taught me how to do things with my poi.  Then I felt really weird.  Then we went on to rakau. I went to my mum and said “I feel really sick” she told my teacher that I was going home.  So I went home.  Just before that I threw up orange.  On my way home I fell asleep and my mum woke me up.  I had a sore neck because I slept on my lunch box.

Then I went to go pick up my brothers and sisters with my mum.  It was fun at the marae.

by RobTyl

From When I was One


This is a picture from when I was a baby.  I am sitting down on the white chair.

My mum says I am about one year and three months old on this picture.  This picture was taken at Papamoa at my old house.

Now I am nine years old.

by KauRam

From When I was a Baby


This is a picture from when I was a baby.  I am laying down on the floor staring at the red and yellow apples.  There are seventeen apples there.

My mum says I am two days old in this picture because it looks like it really.

Now I am nine years old.

by KauRam

The Marae Trip


On Monday 26th of May we went to the Te Awamutu College Marae.

When we arrived we had to be welcomed on first.  We had to greet the students and teachers by kissing them or shaking their hands.  Some could even touch noses together.  We learnt some Maori songs including the fruit haka.  We then had morning tea with a cookie, fruit and juice.

Mr Fawcett numbered us and then we had to join the group we were in.  These groups went and did fun activities which included short poi, long poi, sticks and the haka.  We had fifteen minutes at each activity.

Lunchtime was next.  Hamish, Joseph and Max came and sat with my mum and me.  After lunch we had a little play.

We went inside the marae again to see what was next.  We got to partner up with a piece of paper and a crayon.  We then put our paper over a carving and then rubbed the crayon gently over.  These are called “rubbings”.  This was fun and we made awesome Maori designs.

by MorPai

Karate Medal


This is me and my medal.

On Queen’s birthday weekend I went to Kyokushin Karate 2008 Nationals of New Zealand.  It was in Wellington City.  I got the medal for coming second in the 8 to 9 year old boys fighting.

I hope I go to the worlds in Japan

by PetDal

Mercury Island

tairua pics 035

Once we went to Mercury Island in a slow sailing boat. We went diving in the cold water. My dad swam beside a scary stingray. After my dad got his spear gun and he shot two fish. We cooked them and ate them.  They were yummy.  It was fun.

by LovTav