On Saturday me, my mum, my dad and my nana and pop went to rugby.

We won and I got player of the day.

Then we went home and I had something to eat.

by JohReg

Got a Story or Photograph?

Do you have a story you would like to share with everyone?  Have you been somewhere interesting or done something exciting?  Then download a blogging template here to write a draft copy.  Proofread and edit it and then click here to type it in an email and send it for publishing.  If you have photographs send them too.

If you like you can write your story in word, publisher, powerpoint or photostory and then email it as an attachment.  Ask mum or dad how to do this if you need help.

by FawMic

Word Cloud



Here’s an awesome picture made from the most commonly used words in our blog writing.  It doesn’t include common words like the, and, at, a (and others).

by FawMic


One lucky student went on holiday to Niue. She made this PowerPoint show at home and then brought it to school on a USB stick to share with the class.  Click here to see it.

by TarRub