Where in the World

Where are these mysterious visitors from?


Where are these places?

Where are these places?

20 000 page views!

I just noticed that our page view is coming up to 19 000 hits.  Let’s try and hit 20 000 by the end of term!  Tell your family and friends about this blog (and the wiki) especially if you have some work here.  Write or publish one of your stories on the wiki and I will copy/post it here.  

Got photos or artwork?  Send them here.  Don’t forget to say what the pictures are for.  See me in class if you have images on a cd/memory stick or if you need to scan your work.

Mr F

Hamilton Zoo

On Wednesday the 22nd of October the years 2, 3 and 4 went to the zoo.  It was so much fun.  I went with Gordon, Sharni, Skylar and Barry.

At the bird enclosure a parrot flew on my head and did a poo on my hat and on my t-shirt.

My favourite animals were the rhinos, the birds and the monkeys.  The rhino were sleeping.  We saw a weka and a stuffed kiwi, but we did not see the baby kea.

At the tiger enclosure we saw a blackbird on the wood in a nest and it had four blue eggs.


Four blue blackbird eggs in the nest

Four blue blackbird eggs in the nest



We got some ice blocks on the way home.  When we came back I asked Mr F “Where was the baby kea?” and he said “it is dead.”

I want to go back and see the animals and play on the playground again.

by SimMit

Going to the Zoo

Last Wednesday we went to the Hamilton Zoo.  I went with Tylan’s mum and Dallas and Tylan and Amethyst and Dominic.

We saw the chimpanzees.  We saw some rhino poo.  One rhino was eating some hay.  Rhinos can protect themselves with the horn on their nose.  That’s how they protect the babies from any danger.

We saw the guinea pigs.   We saw the kingfisher bird.  We saw a bird with a red forehead.  We saw a kea.  It was sitting on a tree branch.

A kea on a branch

A kea on a branch

At 2:15 we went back to school.  Then we went home.  I liked it at the zoo.  I liked the giraffes because they play in the mud.  They had mud on their hooves.

told to FawMic by LatJos


A Hoverfly*

So, enough hovering.  Here’s where I’ll set up a portal for other teachers at school.

I’ll post links to software, sites and other items of interest and reflect on some of the things that have worked well for me in class and others that haven’t been so successful.

There are heaps of teacher/class blogs and wiki out there that I’ll add as links, but I’d like to think that colleagues at school will be more likely to try new things ICT if they know that this is my space and that they can discuss things with me if they want to.

I could introduce them to Twitter instead. I’ve been making class web sites and blogs since 2001, but always in isolation, an island entire.  Now, via Twitter, I’m learning from others again!  For years I’ve been the guru that people have come to for ICT help, but today I’m getting help myself from ethereal colleagues.  It feels good.

*Hoverfly “painted” in Artrage 2.5 – some post work (copy and flip the wing) in Paint.net

Bird Drawings

A Cockateel by SimMit

A Fantail by SimMit

A Cockatoo by PedMax

Next Year

I need to think about how I’m going to set things up for next year…

  • Adding Live Writer to all the class computers for children to post to glenview9
  • Rearranging the physical layout of the classroom
  • Introducing PBWiki in term one or even during meet the teacher at the end of term four
  • Publicizing the blog and wiki to parents (and the school community) and encouraging comments and participation
  • Integrating it all into the classroom and replacing some of the bookwork children do
  • and…???

Where to start? I’ve hovered around the fringes of Web 2.0 for the past few years dipping my toes in the water here and there – time to jump in.