Hamilton Zoo

On Wednesday the 22nd of October the years 2, 3 and 4 went to the zoo.  It was so much fun.  I went with Gordon, Sharni, Skylar and Barry.

At the bird enclosure a parrot flew on my head and did a poo on my hat and on my t-shirt.

My favourite animals were the rhinos, the birds and the monkeys.  The rhino were sleeping.  We saw a weka and a stuffed kiwi, but we did not see the baby kea.

At the tiger enclosure we saw a blackbird on the wood in a nest and it had four blue eggs.


Four blue blackbird eggs in the nest

Four blue blackbird eggs in the nest



We got some ice blocks on the way home.  When we came back I asked Mr F “Where was the baby kea?” and he said “it is dead.”

I want to go back and see the animals and play on the playground again.

by SimMit

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  1. wow, blue egg’s That sound’s weird From Merlyn