Hello new Room Niners.  Only 3 weeks of holiday left – make sure you enjoy them.  I suppose you’ve all been away to the beach and if you haven’t you’ll be off somewhere soon.  I’ve just got back from Napier where I’d been camping with my family for a week.

We had a look around the town at all the buildings that were rebuilt after the 1931 earthquake. Later we went for a walk by the sea and a drive up to a viewpoint on Bluff Hill that overlooks the port.

Napier Port from the top of Bluff Hill

Napier Port from the top of Bluff Hill

The next day we went to The National Aquarium of New Zealand – Te Whare Tangaroa o Aotearoa.  There were heaps of things to see, sharks, stingrays, piranha, a crocodile, eels, a 3 metre long giant squid (dead) and lots of others.  I made a video to show you some of the things we saw. How many animals can you name in the video?

Now I’m starting to get ready for school, the new term and a new class.  What have you been doing? E-mail me at and let me know.