Meet the Chiefs

"they gave out posters and balls"

"they gave out posters and balls as rewards"

Yesterday we had an assembly in the hall to meet two of the Chiefs.

When we were all seated Mr Mangan introduced Joe and Hika the Chiefs’ prop and hooker.

They had four main messages-

  • Read
  • Eat breakfast
  • School is cool
  • Set goals

They also talked about their practices and training.  They let us ask lots of questions.

At the end they gave out posters and balls as rewards for best questions and comments.

We were very lucky to meet the two Chiefs’ players and hear their very cool messages.

by Room 9

Cricket Match

On Sunday I went to the cricket at Steele Park.  

It was the Chiefs vs a celebrity team.  We lost, but after the game me, my brother and my cousin got autographs from the Chiefs.  I got the whole lot except the assistant coach and Sosene Anesi.

Some of the Chiefs are coming to school on Thursday.

by SteMat

Icy Tower


"big bits of ice stuck to our feet"

"big bits of ice stuck to our feet"

On Sunday 22 February me and Brock helped mum defrost the freezer.
“big bits of ice stuck to our feet”Mum scraped the ice into the bucket and we crushed it on our drive way. Big bits of ice stuck to our feet. We had to walk up and down our stairs to get it off.


We used the little pieces of ice to make an icy tower. It was about 20cm high. An hour and a half later it had melted and there were only a few bits of ice left.
It was really fun.
Photo, video and story by MatSav

Rainbow’s End

Rainbow's End Wristband

Rainbow's End Wristband

On Sat 21st Feb we went to Rainbow’s End for my sisters birthday.

I went on a lot of the rides.  The Dodgem Cars was my favourite because I steered the car.  It was my first ride on a rollercoaster too.

It was a really awesome day.

by GatMic

The Smiling Bush

Smiling Bush


Smiling Bush


At school, at lunchtime I saw a bush that was smiling so I got my two friends.  Then after five minutes we saw my teacher Mr Fawcett and he took a photo of it. Now I’m writing about it.                                                                                                    

by KorLea

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach

This is me, my brother and my sister in the hot water at Hot Water Beach on

Waitangi Weekend.

We had to dig a hole with a spade so that the water would come up through
the sand, we could only do this 2 hours each side of low tide.

Our water hole was the hottest, I thought it was awesome.

by SteMat

Black Out

I can’t figure out how to black this blog out so here’s what I CAN do.