Camp Karakariki Animoto

I uploaded some photographs to Animoto, chose some music and pressed go.  This is what Animoto made for us.

Mr F.

Camp Karakariki

On the 2nd day of camp there were lots of activities.

Going really fast Down the Big Hill

Going really fast Down the Big Hill

I did BMX for my 3rd activity and it was my 2nd favourite activity.  Mr Fawcett took a photo of me when I went down the hill very fast.  I didn’t fall off the BMX.

The BMXs were easy for me, but I went pretty slow up the big hill.

facing the Big Hill

Facing the Big Hill

I liked doing the BMX.

by HarDan

Nightglow and Fireworks

I walked around to the University on Saturday evening to watch the nightglow and fireworks.  I thought they were starting at 8:30pm to match up with Earthhour, but when I got there they’d already started.

If you didn’t see the display here’s a short video (actually it’s quite long and may take some time to load).

Mr  F.

What Now Competition

At the weekend we made a video to enter a What Now! competition to win a MEGA DISNEY PACK!

by MatSav and GatMic


Kayaking in the Muddy Water

Kayaking in the Muddy Water

At Camp my group was the SUPER STARS.

On Thursday at Camp Karakariki I went kayaking. First I got my togs on and got my towel. Then I walked to the kayaks through a gate. It took about five minutes. I was nervous because I thought that I was going to fall in. I was excited. I put on a lifejacket. Mrs Tooley gave me a paddle. We practiced rowing out of the water.  Then I got in the kayak with Mrs Tooley. I got wet, but I didn’t fall in.

I liked kayaking. It was fun.

by ReaDia

Kayaking at Camp Karakariki

Last Wednesday I went to Camp Karakariki.

I went to kayaking with my group the ALL STARS. Mrs Tooley told us to get a paddle and find a space. Mrs Tooley showed us how to move the paddle.  Then we tried.  After that we got our life jacket on.

Then we got in the KAYAK.  I was a little wobbly in my kayak.  My dad in the rowboat helped me to stop wobbling in my kayak.  Then I got a lot better at it.

Then Mrs Tooley said to come in and Bria and Levi’s mum’s boat nearly sank.

Kayaking was fun.

by TuhTra [photo coming soon]


It was hard work getting to the top of the bigger hill without stopping.  See below…2009033