A Letter From Richie McCaw

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We all got a letter

On Monday we got a letter from Richie McCaw.

It asks us if we wanted to play for the Small Blacks.  We all said yes!

We play for Melville.  We play Rugby – it’s just what we do.

by SteMat, NatKan and ???
[image altered and “name” withheld at parental request]

2 Responses

  1. Wow. You guys are awesome and very lucky to have a letter from Richie McCaw. I hope you all enjoy playing rugby for Melville. My boys played for Melville too. Have a good season.
    Mrs Reid

  2. I am from the United States and know very little about rugby. Who is Richie McCaw? Who are the Small Blacks? If I were going to follow a team, who should I follow?
    Mr. C