Kayaking at Camp Karakariki

Last Wednesday I went to Camp Karakariki.

I went to kayaking with my group the ALL STARS. Mrs Tooley told us to get a paddle and find a space. Mrs Tooley showed us how to move the paddle.  Then we tried.  After that we got our life jacket on.

Then we got in the KAYAK.  I was a little wobbly in my kayak.  My dad in the rowboat helped me to stop wobbling in my kayak.  Then I got a lot better at it.

Then Mrs Tooley said to come in and Bria and Levi’s mum’s boat nearly sank.

Kayaking was fun.

by TuhTra [photo coming soon]

One Response

  1. It sounds like your had a great time! My class just had aquatics and some of them got to do kayaking as well.