Google Wave – Surf City Here We Come

Imagine all (and I mean all) the web tools we now use in education.  Blogs, wiki, googledocs, photosharing, IM, twitter, etherpad, maps, games, polls, forums and video etc.

Now imagine them all integrated into one web application… cross platform and cross device. Where a tweet shows up instantaneously as a blog entry, a blog comment appears as a tweet, photos appear and disappear on different blogs as they are uploaded or deleted.  Collaborative work on documents, images and maps is live and instant. Intelligent spellchecking (using context, symantics and syntax) fixes most errors on the fly.

Google wave is all this and more.  Have a look at the developer preview video (1hr 20mins) and see if it moves you to tears like it did me.


… and, oh yeah, it’s opensource.

Going to Australia Part 2

I have been in Australia for 6 days now. We flew with Emirates, they gave us a great backpack filled with free things to do. There were over a 100 movies to choose from to watch.

We went shopping the first day as it was raining. On the second day we went to Dreamworld and loved it. I went on the Tower of Terror, it was fun! There is a new ride called Moto-coaster, it has motorbikes and goes really fast. I went on the Runaway raptor rollercoaster about 7 times as the park was not busy. I got wet on the log ride.

The next day we went to Movieworld with my aussie cousins. I went on the Batman spaceshot ride and also the Batman Simulator and lots of other things. I loved the road runner roller coaster. I met Shrek, Scooby Doo characters, Wonder Woman, Sylvester, Cat woman and Batman.

I have been playing bratz a lot with my cousins. A street called “Savannah” is nearby, I will have my photo taken by it. It rained so much the first two days, it was the worst flood in Brisbane since 1974! They are officially no longer in a drought now so we have seen alot of the inside of shopping malls (not that I mind or Mum). I have got new clothes and toys.

by MatSav
[originally posted on our wiki]

Our Glenview Kid!

Room 9s Glenview Kid

Room 9's Glenview Kid

Last week on Thursday afternoon Glenview school had a special whole school assembly because we were launching a new school charter.

Before lunch we put our Glenview Kid on Mr. Anderson’s trolley and took it into the hall.

After lunch we went into the hall.  Everybody talked about their Glenview Kid, it went from junior to senior.  When it was our turn Gemma and Quinn went over to our Glenview Kid.  We got three BIG cheers.

We sat in the hall for about an hour and a half.  All of the Glenview Kids were cool.  We finished about 15 minutes late.  I had a fun time listening to the other classes and watching their movies.

By HemReb

My Fluffy Kiwi

My Fluffy Kiwi

My Fluffy Kiwi

A few years ago I got a toy kiwi.  My nanny got one for me and my friend.

My kiwi’s name is Fluffy.  Fluffy has two feet with white toenails.  She has a beak.  Her feet are for walking, her beak is for eating and smelling.  Her fur is different shades of brown.  Fluffy’s fur is smooth and soft.  She has two eyes.  She eats worms.  She has three toes on each foot.

I like to play with Fluffy.  She is my favourite toy.

By HemReb
[real kiwis have feathers, not fur]

My Weekend

A few weekends ago me and my dad went to Te Kuiti.

We saw the sheep shearing it was cool. Then I had an ice cream. After I went on the tea cup ride and I got really dizzy.

Then we went back to the shearing.  After that they did the sheep run, but they did not  have enough fencing line so they used wire. Then the sheep ran. There were poos every where. The sheep started going crazy so they ran underneath the wire.

Then we went home we got a flat tyre.  Then dad lost his phone.  He was so mad.

By FlaMia
[images from MS clipart]

Going to Australia Part 1

This Tuesday I’m going to Brisbane, Australia to see my cousins. I’m very, very EXCITED! We are going to Dreamworld, Movieworld and maybe Whitewater world. My cousins are Holly (11 years) and Emma (9 years). I am going to play with my Nintendo DS lite on the plane. I have been to Aussie 7 times.

by MatSav

[originally posted on our wiki]


At an unconference in Auckland yesterday, Jill Hammonds showed me this little blogging client that she uses with her wordpress blog. I think I’ll try it in class instead of the SRWare option I have at the moment.


Update: Takes its proxy settings from internet explorer, but has no way to work with proxy servers that require authentication like schoolzone.  :-(

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