Interschools Cross Country Stars


Link to SteMat’s writing on our wiki.

More writing coming from MurCar…

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  1. Cool Mr F.

  2. Cross country was cool!!!

  3. Thanks murcar. Do you feel like emailing a story about it? Or maybe some wiki writing?

    Mr F.

    • Yes Mr F.

      • OK. Email it to our gmail address or add a page to the wiki like SteMat has.
        If you’ve lost your wiki password let me know at our gmail address and I’ll send it to you.

        Ask SteMat or CluGem if you need help creating a new wiki page.

        Mr F.

  4. Who won the race?

  5. Who came first for the year 4 girls?

  6. And the three of you were OUTSTANDING representatives for Glenview School. Congratulations on your achievements Ste Mat, NugPor and MurCar.
    Mrs T

  7. How did you get on tv are you famous?