Going to Australia

When I went to Australia we went to the zoo on Wednesday.  We looked at a lot of stuff.

Then my mum said, “Carla laa here is something you will like.” Then I turned around and it was a butterfly house.  We went inside.  It was so cool, but when I looked there was a big butterfly on my shoulder.

Then I said, “Get it off me!’ because it freaked me out.

“I thought you liked butterflies”, said mum. “Let’s get out of here!”  So we did.  Then we went to the fat spiders.  I got out of there pretty quickly because it was disgusting.

Finally we went back to our motel in Melbourne.  I really liked our holiday in Australia.

by MurCar

Clustr Map Reset

Our Clustr Map showing the location of visitors to our blog is about to be reset and all the little red dots will disappear.

Here’s what it looked like on 21st July-
clustrsml 210709

and here’s the large version.

clustr 210709

It shouldn’t take long for our map to fill up with red dots again.  Remember you can also check who has visited by clicking on the watch live link in our Feedjit widget. Maybe now would be a good time to track our visitors on a wall map?

Mr F

By the way, I notice our counter is creeping towards 40 thousand visitors!  It will probably happen this term.  Any ideas for a celebration?

Winning Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country

On Tuesday May 19 we had our school cross country.  I had butterfies in my tummy.

Then the year 4 boys lined up, then Mr F said on your marks, get set, go!!!!   Then we went off.  Then I was in front of everyone there.  I had to run 2 laps around Glenview Park.

At the end I won. I got picked for the interschools.

A few weeks later we had the interschools.  It was the 11th of June at Resthills Park.

About 15 minutes into school Mrs T came and got me from class.  We went in the car.

It was the year 5 girls, then the year 5 boys.   Then it was the year 4 girls after it was the year 4 boys (which I was in ).  I was on the line ready for the man to say go!

Then he said go! But I was not ready so I ran as fast as I could and I was winning? I was sprinting the whole time and I was the winner.  I had no more energy left.  After the year six races we were given certificates if we got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.

by SteMat

Image(edited) © Copyright William Metcalfe and

licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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Improving Our Light Sabre Skills in the Hall

Improving Our Light Sabre Skills in the Hall

OK… I know it’s taken me a long time to do this, but I think it looks pretty good.  I wish I’d put my helmet on though.  I can almost hear the light sabre sounds in my head.

So boys, where’s the Star Wars script you were working on?  Have you finished writing it?  Storyboard?

See you next week.

Mr F.

Empowering Lifeskills

some skills are just not covered by the curriculum...

I promised that I’d photoshop* this photo and add effects to the plastic lightsabres we were holding.  It took me a couple of months to get around to it and about an hour to complete.  Once I’d finished I pushed it out on to twitter as a bit of a joke.

I got a tweet back from @SharonHarper

and followed the link.  It led to a TED video of Gever Tulley (@gever).  You can watch it below.

I did all these things as a kid (and more-see number 2 of my 7 Things), though my copyright infringments were limited by the technology of the time; the cassette recorder and the transistor radio.

How many of you did the things that Gever Tulley talks about?  What about your children? What about your class?  I know I was shocked to find that my son had been using a power drill and handsaw to make a “video camera” while he was in kindergarten.  Are we too protective of our children and students?  If so… what changed and when?

Another Gever Tulley TED Talk including a rollercoaster created by 7 year olds.

*I don’t actually have photoshop, but “paint.netted” doesn’t roll of the tongue in quite the same way.