Improving Our Light Sabre Skills in the Hall

Improving Our Light Sabre Skills in the Hall

OK… I know it’s taken me a long time to do this, but I think it looks pretty good.  I wish I’d put my helmet on though.  I can almost hear the light sabre sounds in my head.

So boys, where’s the Star Wars script you were working on?  Have you finished writing it?  Storyboard?

See you next week.

Mr F.

4 Responses

  1. What a cool picture Mr F, WalAra and TuhTra. You look like you belong in Star Wars. How did you all get such great jedi light sabre skills. We will have to get Mr F to show us ALL how to make pictures like this.
    Mrs T

  2. Hi my name is Meighan and I love your blog. Those are cool light sabers. I have not used one before. Does light sabers hurt you? and are they fun? Hope you had a good holiday.

    Meighan, Room 8, Melville Intermediate

  3. Hey your website is mean!!!!
    I really liked the star wars thing, I am a huge fan of star wars and i think that it looks like just in the look like obe-one konobi!!!! YOUR SO LUCKY YOU GOT THE ALLBLACKS SIGNITURES!!!!!

  4. cool lightsavers looks like your having fun