Getting Over It

If you’ve read my earlier post Talking the Talk you’ll know how I feel about hearing my recorded voice.  Yesterday the chance arose to take another step up the ladder and produce a video.

@catspyjamasnz asked for people to contribute to her project What My PLN Means to Me and to add a video to the wiki.

So here’s my contribution.  Like I’ve said before, we have to put ourselves out there and get over our dislikes, fears and phobias.  How can we expect children to do this if we don’t?

Forty Thousand Visitors

Well, you did it!  Room 9 have now had 40 000 visitors.

40 000

It happened last Tuesday evening at 8:02:53pm and our 40 000th visitor came from….

40k jakartaJakarta in Indonesia.  Here it is in Google Maps

click for larger view

and here’s a view in Google Earth.

click for larger view

The city of Jakarta has about twice as many people living in it than the whole of New Zealand.

A big thank you to all our visitors, readers and commenters.  Well done everybody and keep those stories coming.

Cake all round later this week!

Mr F

Nearly Cake Time

Coming Soon - 40 000 Page Views

Coming Soon - 40 000 Page Views

It looks like we’ll hit 40 000 page views in the next few days.  Yippee!  Would anyone like to guess which country the 40 000th visitor will come from?

Mr F

Lunchtime Waste – Weeks 5 & 6

200908Looking at these two photos it seems we have managed to reduce the amount of food waste and gladwrap that we bring to school, but we still have a problem with chippy packets.  Well done to Jacob for putting his chips into a reusable container and leaving the packet at home.

Do you remember how to reduce the number of chippy packets used?  At Xtreme Waste we were told that we could buy a big packet of chips and put them into reusable bags or containers.  This means that only one large bag goes into landfill instead of a big bag and twelve little ones.  I have noticed that the little Glad boxes with blue lids have a number 5 on them.  Which means they can’t be recycled in Hamilton…

Mr F

All Blacks Training

All Blacks AutographsToday 7/9/09 the Glenview Rugby team went to Waikato Stadium to watch the All Blacks train!

I took my Melville Rugby hoodie to get signed.  It got signed by DC (Dan Carter), Mils Muliaina, Joe Rokocoko, Richie Mccaw (c) and Tony Woodcock.

We saw the backs catching and kicking, and we saw the forwards doing line-outs and scrums.

It was really exciting. The most exciting part for me was getting the signatures from the All Blacks.

by SteMat




My family has been working hard to sell chocolates for the school fundraiser. We hope the school buys some more mini laptops as I love using them. I like eating the chocolate as well, especially Dairy Milk.

by MatSav [via email]


Peter whajam

Ooh noo.  There is my brother up to no good again.  Anyway, hi I’m Peter andI have a brother that is a pain in the butt.  I have to put up with his silly jokes.  I’m 9 years old and I live in an apartment on the 12 floor.  I’ve got a turtle called Dribble.  One time Fudge took Mr and Mrs Juiceyo they were horrified.  I forgot to tell you who I live with.  I live with my Mum and Dad and you know Fudge.

By WhaJam