I See TED People

At TED|India the genius that is Pranav Mistry revisits his sixth sense device, shares other human interface devices he’s worked on in the past and shows us a possible future of ubiquitous information and gesture based digital interaction.   He also reveals that the software behind sixth sense technology is to be released as open source.

If you’ve seen sixth sense before – there’s more here, as well as an unusual use for a regular sheet of paper.  If you can’t wait, the real fun starts at about 8:00 minutes in.

Where does this guy get his ideas?


One Response

  1. I am a student in EDM 310 at University of South Alabama. I have never heard anything about the Sixth Sense. After watching the Ted video I am very curious. I think that kind of technology could be very helpful. Although it could be useful, in reality, I don’t think people will wear something of that size around their neck all the time. In my opinion it is not very realistic. Maybe if the product was smaller people would be more interested. I think in the future with some appearance changes it might be more appealing to buyers.