Burma Trail

In the dark, holding onto a long string.  Walking in dips I tripped into a tree.

words and picture* by HenJes

*crayon and indian ink, approx 30 x 40cm

Wet Kayak

Wobbling along in my kayak with my paddle splashing in the water, my toes were tickling.  I started to get wetter as I slowly drifted back to shore.

words and picture* by SimPet aged 8

*crayon and indian ink 41 x 30cm

Tree Victory

I climbed the rough branches.  I was itchy and scratchy, grazed and tattered.  I was careful and cunning, reaching out awkwardly to the next branch.

My arms and legs were weak, but I was nearly at the top of the tall tree.

I could see the leaves, I was at the top!

Written and illustrated by AcePai
aged 8


Hi Room 13.  I hope you’re all enjoying the break and have done some interesting things.  A week has gone by already and only 10 more days until we’re back at school.

Have you a story to tell?  Have you been somewhere or done something exciting?  Send your story in an email.  Do you have photos or video to share?  Send them in an email and add a story to describe or explain them.

See you in 10 days.

Mr F.