Web 3.0

The Internet is evolving… here’s the next iteration.

Soundscape 1 – The Beach

One fine day at the beach the waves whooshed over the shore.  Suddenly it started to rain, the sand was flying everywhere like a tornado.  The waves crashed against the rock pools.  The birds squirmed all over the sky, people ran and screamed in all directions rushing to their cars.   Suddenly some one yelled “Be still!”  Everything was silent as the waves washed over the shore softly.
Now listen…
by WhiHan, HenJes, AcePai and SimPet

This One’s For You II

Watch the video….

What Makes Me?

An interesting site/project tweeted by Peter Rafferty/@raff31.

Here are my picks

  • Painting – Richard Hamilton
  • Movie – All That Jazz
  • Music – Lou Reed’s live version of Sweet Jane from Rock n Roll Animal
  • Sculpture – Elizabeth Frink
  • Live Performance – Bill Hicks
  • Photography –  Don McCullin

So, what makes you?  Make your own and post a link to it in the comments.

Production Wordle

Hi Room 13.  I made a Wordle from your Production google document. Click the picture to see it full size.  What do you think?  Is there anything missing?  You can add ideas in the comments if you like.

Mr F.