Mighty Beanz and Lego Man

Mighty Beanz and a Lego man.  Mighty Beanz have a track to play on.  My friend Bradley has one. The Lego man is my favourite one because he has a fire-fighter’s uniform and a building hat and the best thing is it is red. Hamster Bean is so cute. My good one is Nerd Bean because snot is coming out of its nose.  Buff Bean likes to exercise in the middle of nowhere! And Ally cat is vicious like any other cat.

by Kate

P.S. The pictures are blurry because the lens of my phone is dirty.  It used to be my dad’s phone and it is old.  He gave it to me because he got a new phone and it is way smaller.  My phone is a Nokia E65-1.  It is a slide phone.

One Response

  1. Kate
    I think that the fact that the photo is blurry actually makes it better. It Makes you think more about the pictures and look more closely at the detail to work out which figure is which, and then to check again by reading your information to make sure that you are right.
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.