Rohi the Kea

Room 11 have had a special visitor in class for nearly two weeks.  Rohi the Kea came all the way from Auckland and is now moving on to Raumati Beach.  You can read about her and her further adventures at this shared blog – Rohi’s Travels.

By Room 11

My Nana’s Zucchini

My nana grew a huge zucchini in her garden.  My mum said take the giant zucchini to school.  It looked so good that I had to eat some.  Jorgianah ate some too. You can see the bite marks.

by Hail

Stock Car

On Friday Glenview School had a Stock Riding Car at school.  Mr Fawcett asked me to take some photos.   The lady driver asked if I wanted to get in the car.  I did.   It was fun.

by Joe

Rarotonga Dollars

In the summer holidays I went to Rarotonga and I got Rarotonga money.  It’s triangle shaped money.  Mr Fawcett said he had never seen any money like it before.  Rarotonga money is way different to New Zealand money.

By Nathan

Samoan Dollars

Last year my dad went to Samoa on a plane.  Then he got some dollars from a friend.  He got four dollars.  There are two $1 coins in the photo.  Each coin has seven sides.  The King of Samoa is on the head side and a shield is on the tailside.

by Stevie

Jared’s Roboraptor

On Friday Glenview School had the first assembly of the year.

Ray Mayes from the Waikato Museum was presenting a prize.  The prize was for the person who drew the best dinosaur for the Imaginosaurus competition. Jared won and got his prize.  He drew a Bitesasaurus and wrote about it.

Later he brought his Roboraptor to Room 11 to show us what it did and how it worked.

We thought the Roboraptor was amazing!

By Glenview 11

Motorbike Day

The other day my friends came over and they brought their motorbike over.  I had a go.  I fell off doing a donut.  It was on the grass so I wasn’t hurt.  I kept doing wheelies and tipping the bike.

by Cody