Rarotonga Dollars

In the summer holidays I went to Rarotonga and I got Rarotonga money.  It’s triangle shaped money.  Mr Fawcett said he had never seen any money like it before.  Rarotonga money is way different to New Zealand money.

By Nathan

3 Responses

  1. I have never seen triangular shaped coins either. I wonder how you would design a soda machine that would work with them.

    Mr. C

    • I think it could be done. If my family worked together we might be able to make one. It could be made to take coins from all over the world. If it doesn’t work you could press a button to get your money back. If it was fake money or damaged it would come out of a little hole. No one could smash the glass in the front because there would be metal behind it.

      from Nathan

  2. Those coins look weird and really cool.