Baby Sienna

Last year my mum was pregnant and this year she had a baby girl on May the 23rd.  My mum had surgery. That means you get your tummy cut open.  Your tummy hurts when you get your tummy cut open.  My baby sister is called Sienna.  Today she was wearing a bear suit.

by Baylie

The Castle

My favourite toy is a Playmobil castle because it has a draw bridge and a jail and a secret passage wall. You could bring it on vacation because it has a red handle.  My mum paid $5 at a garage sale. Then I had to do jobs to earn it.  If you buy it on the internet it is $144.99. That’s a lot of money!

by Peter

My Giant Carrot

I got this carrot from my mum’s brother in laws’s dad’s garden. They grew a small pumpkin and peas. My cousin Erin goes there with me.  She took me around the  house to the garden.  She showed  me the vegetables and fruit.  Then she showed me the carrot.  I said we could have it for dinner.

by Stella

My Favourite Toy


My favourite toy is my Buzz Lightyear.  My teacher’s favourite toy is a rocket with a satellite.

I did a pencil drawing of Buzz Lightyear.

by Lucas