Contains Beef?

I just found out that this lolly from Alyssa contains beef and bees wax!

By Rachel

6 Responses

  1. Does it really contain beef?

  2. Is it true that theres bees wax in that lollie and beef.

    Melville Intermediate

  3. Hi Racheal my name is Icis i go to Melville Intermediate.I wonder if that lollie that Alyssa gave you tasted nicer then what it sounded like.

  4. The sweets looks nice do you like the sweets?

  5. Hello my name is Kayla I Know that is true that there is bees wax in that lollie

  6. Hello!,I live in the U.S.A
    Do all the candy in New Zelend have bees wax in them????!!!??