PaCT with the Devil

This post was originally written as a comment on this post by Tara, but my iPad wouldn’t play nicely with Blogger. Read Tara’s post first or the following won’t make sense… (probably won’t anyway).

Unfortunately this is another educational solution built on the shifting sands that are National Standards. There are many that have accepted these insidious “measures” of student progress as a fait accompli, but they have no place in a modern education system or rich curriculum designed to work with diverse and disparate learner needs. I know I risk overusing a previously espoused analogy, but we are the camp guards here. We’re the ones helping to deliver this solution and we’re the only ones who can stand up and say enough is enough. Without us it is doomed to collapse. If we continue to stand silently by and claim no responsibility for the destructive effects these policies will have on a generation of learners then we have only ourselves to blame. Every tool that is developed to assist in the production of little cube shaped learners is just a shift up in efficiency, another widget mould that demeans our students and belittles our profession. We have to turn away from these tools, destabilize the tick boxes and league tables of below/meeting/above and revive the broader aims of The New Zealand Curriculum.

So… where do we start?