The Lost Smile

Once upon a time there lived a 12 year old boy called Matthew. He had brown curly hair that never went straight, soft hazel eyes and a kind face, but he was unfortunately lacking in height, so when Matthew went to school he would get mocked by all of the other kids. 

One day after school, Matthew was extremely sad. The school bully Alex had said he was no bigger than a blade of grass, Matthew was always getting insulted like this but this time he just cracked. He fled from the school grounds running faster than a helicopter.Once safely out of sight of the school he began to walk down the footpath towards his house. Suddenly it sprang on him, he had lost his smile. You may think losing your smile isn’t a big deal, well you’re wrong.  Losing your smile can be very dangerous.  You could lose it for weeks, months, even years and in the worst cases forever.

Later that night Matthew was getting scared.  His smile had gone missing before but had come back after an hour or so, his smile had been gone for about 3 to 4 hours now.  He decided to go to sleep and hope for the best.

Next morning when Matthew was walking to school he still had no luck with finding his smile. As he trudged along he passed a little girl in pigtails and a dress.  She saw how glum he looked and asked “Why do you look so glum?”
“I have lost my smile and I can’t find it,” answered Matthew in despair.
“I know where your smile is.”
“Right here,” said the little girl as she gave him the biggest, brightest smile in the whole world.

by Bridget