99% Swimming


At 9:20 this morning we went swimming in the pool. We hopped in and we were surprised that it was really warm. We held onto the rails and we did kicking for thirty seconds to build up our stamina, but we tried not to splash. After kicking we were a little bit tired.

We got called out in roll order in groups of four to see how well we could swim. We swam as fast as we could and tried to win.

Dallas slipped off the edge of the pool. His foot, knee and elbow were bleeding. His knee was purple. Erana was swimming with her eyes closed and banged her head. We had a breath holding competition and Alyssa won heaps of times.

Mr Fawcett let us have a class photo in the pool. Erana had to stand out because she is not allowed her photo on the Internet. Next we had free time. We played with noodles and flutter boards.

Finally it was time to get out of the pool so that Room 2 could get changed and have a turn. When we were lining up Keanu did a big, loud sneeze. We watched as the changing rooms emptied. The boys or the girls were really quick to get changed, but we’re not saying who. Can you guess?

By Everyone in Room One