Julie’s Pendant

Childhood, growing up in the icy cold winters of Venice. Piper and Justine, the twins, live their life by making huts, playing pranks, messing around with mom’s stuff and painting the pet otter blue.

One freezing cold morning the twins jumped out of their bunk bed. Justine at the top, then Piper at the bottom. They ran to the lounge and heated their toes by the fire.

Then all of a sudden they were bored and crept to their mom’s room. They snooped around sure to not wake them up. Then they both had the same idea. They thought out loud… “Mom’s drawers.”

They carefully scooped out mom’s jewellery in search of their mom’s lucky pendant. The pendant that their mom Julie was given from her mother. Piper found the pendant and grasped it in her hands. The two little troublemakers chuckled to themselves and crept out of the rooms and into the lounge.

‘’Yay we did it! We did it!‘’ laughed Justine. They jumped on the couch celebrating. Then Piper lost her grip and let go of the pendant and phwhip out the window. Justine said ‘’Butter fingers’’.

They ran to the window and they saw that the pendant was hooked around the stern post of a creepy old gondola. They watched in despair as the boat slowly disappeared around the bend.

‘’Oh my gosh it was an accident I swear,’’ explains Piper.

“It’s OK. We just need to get it back,” says Justine.

“Mew.” says Jellie the blue otter.

Justine said “OK. The good thing is mom’s not up yet. So lets go now.”

The devils went downstairs and waded in the shallow water sidewalk but they couldn’t see the boat. “Justine do you know how to drive a gondola?’’ asked piper.

“Uh I can try,’’ said Justine they hopped in the parked gondola. Justine stood at the back and then fell off.

“Having trouble?’’ said Piper.

“Well look who’s talking. You can’t even get in,’’laughed Justine. They helped each other in and Justine started rowing faster and faster, but she started to lose her balance as they turned around the corner.

“Jus, I think that pendant’s done for, we are never gonna get it back,’’ moaned Piper.

“No wait, we can do this don’t give up…see look, the boat and the pendant is right over there,’’ said Justine. She paddled faster to catch up to the other boat. Then Piper realised that the pendant had just fallen off the gondola’s stern. She told Justine and they both dived in the icy cold river to fetch it.

Down, down deep in the canal of Venice. Only just able to see the rosy sparkle of the ruby. Finally Justine got it by the tip of her finger, put it around her neck and, nearly out of breath, struggled to get up to the surface. She gave it to Piper. Piper put it in the boat and at last pulled Justine up.

They rushed back down to their house, but unfortunately got lost. So they looked and looked, desperate to find home before their mother Julie woke up.

They gave up and asked an old lady passing by and she said “Ooohhh my darlings I know you. Go left, take a right turn then go up your driveway. OK?’’

They raced off to home. Up the stairs and round the corner. Then placed the ruby pendant in mom’s jewelry box. They hurried to the lounge and turned on the tv just in time.

Mom woke up and said “Good morning. You two have a nice sleep?’’

The both looked at each other then answered, “Yes mummy. We did.”


By Ava



It’s sad to kill animals because animals are just like us. They have their own way of talking and own way communicating together.  They also have arms and legs like us.  Killing animals is just like an animal coming up to us and killing us. It’s just as painful. When people kill animals the animals that feel the most pain are dolphins, pigs and horses.  It still hurts other animals, but not as much.

So being a vegetarian is  good because we will get more dairy food.  It will mean that some people will lose their jobs and have to get new ones, but that doesn’t mean we should not be vegetarians. You should  just give it a try.

 By Hannah


I think that we should have lockers because otherwise, if people aren’t being BOB, they could steal your stuff.

I also think that we should have iPads and iPods to do writing and you can use the calculator for maths.

They should also have a cafeteria and we should have a food pass so we can just show it to the servers, get our food and leave.

We should have a water cooler in each room so that we can have fresh and cold water to drink.

That would be all the things that I want to be in the school. I think it would be better for our learning.

by Chloe


Maths Roundup

This morning we reviewed some of the maths we’ve done this week.

What maths have you been learning?