I think that we should have lockers because otherwise, if people aren’t being BOB, they could steal your stuff.

I also think that we should have iPads and iPods to do writing and you can use the calculator for maths.

They should also have a cafeteria and we should have a food pass so we can just show it to the servers, get our food and leave.

We should have a water cooler in each room so that we can have fresh and cold water to drink.

That would be all the things that I want to be in the school. I think it would be better for our learning.

by Chloe


2 Responses

  1. HI
    My name is Zoe and I go to Grey Main. I totally agree with you

  2. Chloe, I wonder what your school would look like if you could design one all of your own? I especially like your idea of a water cooler in each room!