Edmodo is a great way to learn.
If your teacher is sick or away you can talk with your teacher on Edmodo.
Your teacher can also ask you to do something like watch a YouTube video to show what you are learning to do in Math.
We could also get some homework (A.K.A in Room 1 as working at home*).
If students are sick or away from school for any reason they can check in to Edmodo to find out what is happening in class.
Edmodo is not like something that should be blocked in schools it should be considered a “Great Way to Learn”.


* There’s a difference between homework and working at home. Homework is just stuff you have to do at home. Working at home is continuing with classroom learning or starting something new by yourself or with a friend because you’re interested in it or you want to do it.

Mostly by Zac (with a bit by Mr F when he was at home sick)

3 Responses

  1. I like your description of Edmodo. Being able to keep contact when you are sick is good.

  2. Sounds interesting we might try it ourselves
    Mrs Smith

  3. Looks great Zac. Do you think I could do all my work from home next term? Will you cover my road patrol? Cheers Mr Mac