St Pius Rugby

At the rugby grounds my heart was pumping. We were warming up, passing, wrapping around the players perfecting the flaming fast pass.  My heart sang “Catch it.” I caught it. We dawdled over to the game. Everybody’s heart was pounding like a set of drums.

I got the ball  because our forwards pushed over the other  team like a bulldozer.  We passed the ball quicker than a speeding car getting chased by a cop.  Mark, our winger, dropped the ball. Oh no! They got a runaway try.  We Yelled  at Mark, thinking that we were going to lose the game… and we did.  I felt like I was doing most of the work.

I munched down my homemade cookies “Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.”  I could hear the sound of the cookies sliding down my throat. “Yum,” I said.

“Time to go,” said the coach, “Ice creams for everyone!”

We all shouted “Yes!” Everyone got a delicious ice cream on a cone with a flake.  I slurped up the best cone in the world.  We zoomed in the car  with our windows down heads out the window like a puppy dog.  Finally we arrived  back at school.  It felt like it had been years & years and my legs were extremely sore.

By Simien

Fletcher Potter
I went to school and  I saw all the costumes.  My costume was Harry Potter. Then the bell rang. We headed off to the first activity.

 It was trolley racing.  Me and my partner won the first race.  Then Dallas and Keanu won their race. We lost our second race because we crashed into a cone!

by Fletcher



My Last Breath

Surfing on the blue waves. Crash! I fall off my surfboard. As I sink to the bottom of the sea my foot gets stuck between two rocks. I’m gasping for my last breath. I knew this was it. This was when I’m going to die. I knew sharks were going to find me because I was bleeding.

I close my eyes. I feel something poke my tummy. I’m too scared to open my eyes. Then it rubs against my foot. My foot.. it’s free! I swim to the top as fast as I can to get to the shore.

My friend Katrina says “Girl look behind you.”

I look behind and there are two dolphins.

“They followed you all the way.” says Katrina.

They helped me get safe to the shore.

by Alyssa