My nan is aged 76. She has a bangle that stays on forever.  She put it on when she was about four and now her wrist is too big and it can’t come off. I might be real gold.

She lived in Papakura with her little sister. Then a few years later nan found grandad and moved down to the Hamilton area.  When she moved she was amazed at Temple View and how it lit up at night.   She lived in a house and then moved up to the farm with big rooms.

She keeps jewelery for me in an old box that is nearly broken.  I always ask her for a brooch to wear.  I sometimes wear it in my hair.

by Amber, Year 5



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Josh likes playing cricket and versus lots of hard teams. He’s 11 years old and a Year 6. He plays for Boys High A.K.A Old Boys.

When he gets nervous he flicks himself with his rubber band that he keeps on his wrist .

His cricket bat is a Puma brand . So is his red cricket ball.  He and his Dad practise everyday. That’s how he gets player of the day so often. He also has a secret power to control the ball when he’s bowling.  Sometimes he organises a game at school in the breaks.

His current school is Glenview Primary, but he wants to go to Hillcrest School because his friends next door go there and because there’s nice teachers, not like Ms Kai.

He likes spaghetti bolognese and spicy noodles. People think that’s disgusting.

By Ciaran, Year 5


herobrineOn Minecraft Steve found a village with a lot of other Minecraft dudes. Since he was poor and didn’t have a house, he built one. But it didn’t last long.

A Herobrine came to destroy the village!  The only person that survived was Steve. Suddenly he found a boat and sailed for his life.  When he hopped out a stampede of exploding creepers were charging at Steve in the sand. He put TNT down. “Oh no!”

Bang! A ginormous explosion of TNT saved Steve.  “My trap worked'” he said proudly. “now I’ll make some dispensers.”  The creepers that survived were angry, but luckily they left because the traps were hitting them.  “Whew!  That was a nightmare,” he desperately said to himself.

Suddenly everything was quiet.  Then Steve looked in the distance.  Something was there.  It was getting closer and closer and closer!  Steve heard it saying “Heear! Heear!! Heear!!!

“Come on dispensers, kill them when they get close,” he said.

“Sweeee! Oooh! Heear!”

“Place TNT.”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bang!  When Steve went in the smoke he saw a bone.  Unfortunately there were wolves approaching.  Once he’d tamed one it killed them all, but was hurt a lot.

Steve fed it.  The new born dog sat on the chest.  “I’ll place lava'” said Steve.

Spiders came.  They stopped, then went in the lava.  All the enemies died except one…

The Herobrine!

The Herobrine destroyed the first two dispensers full of arrows.  “Shoot it more!” Steve called!  This was the end of Steve…

His dog hit the Herobrine in the chest and it died.  Steve was safe at last. “Hooray!” said Steve, “I won.”

The End

by Khan Li, Year 5