My Last Breath

Surfing on the blue waves. Crash! I fall off my surfboard. As I sink to the bottom of the sea my foot gets stuck between two rocks. I’m gasping for my last breath. I knew this was it. This was when I’m going to die. I knew sharks were going to find me because I was bleeding.

I close my eyes. I feel something poke my tummy. I’m too scared to open my eyes. Then it rubs against my foot. My foot.. it’s free! I swim to the top as fast as I can to get to the shore.

My friend Katrina says “Girl look behind you.”

I look behind and there are two dolphins.

“They followed you all the way.” says Katrina.

They helped me get safe to the shore.

by Alyssa


1# Many Females of the Tussock family have no wings
2# The Hawk Moth is the fastest insect ever
3# Some Moth antennae are like birds feathers
4# Cecropia the moth is america biggest
5# Some moth caterpillar have such as ‘Io’ are covered in stinging hairs
6# Moths heat up their flight muscles by vibrating their wings
7# Moths are attracted to light
8# Male moths have bigger antennae than female moths
9# Hummingbird moths wings beat 70 time per second
10# Moths eat nectar
11# There are 160,000 species of moths in the world

Moths live in the bark of trees and on the bottom of leaves and plants.  Rachel has drawn a Moth in its habitat for readers to look at.

by Hannah

illustrations by Rachel

My Dogs

Room One started using Google Apps yesterday. Today when I got home from a meeting in Auckland I found this in my inbox. Working at home = awesome. :-)


My Dogs by Daynah

Mr F.

Zoe’s Zebra


On Monday I went to my sister’s kindy. ​When it was playtime I built a wooden zebra.  Its stripes are made out of material. Its legs can move and its neck can move too.  Its tail is made out of fluffy  strips. My friend Emma was there too.

by Zoe

Jason Says…

This is how I write…
Audio Player

By Jason

How do you write?  Do you do anything different to Jason?  Is there anything else Jason could do?

Rohi the Kea

Room 11 have had a special visitor in class for nearly two weeks.  Rohi the Kea came all the way from Auckland and is now moving on to Raumati Beach.  You can read about her and her further adventures at this shared blog – Rohi’s Travels.

By Room 11


Room 13 have been making dinosaurs from soda bottles, card, parcel tape, kitchen roll and PVA glue.  Here are a few to give you a better idea about how they are made.  More to come soon…

Room 13