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Mr F.

Tane’s Weta

In the beginning Tane created a little bug and named it Weta. That weta helped Tane keep the trees and forest clean.

Tane also made Weta’s children. He made Cave Weta, Tree Weta, Ground Weta, Tusked Weta and Giant Weta. Weta and all his children would hide in places that are dark and be safe in those places from kiwi and tuatara.

One day Weta’s children were cleaning the trees, the forest and the ground. Until thump, thump Tane was coming. Tane couldn’t look down at the children on the floor. Without looking down Tane accidentally squashed Weta’s children.

Tane was very sorry. Then Tane said, “I must make your bodies even more hard and put you in groups to stay with together.”

The next day Tane called Weta and his children and put them in a line and said, “You will all have hard shell bodies.” He waved his hands over the weta and then put then into groups.

He said to the first group, “You shall be giants among weta. Your homes may be in hideaways under bark, in bushes, among stones from river flats to high mountains. If you are threatened then you may kick or rasp with your spiny back legs.”

Tane looked at the second group and said, “You will be large but not giants. You will make your homes in the holes of forest trees.”

Tane went to the third group and said, “You will be smaller than the giants.”

The fourth group were going to live in tunnels.

The fifth were going to live in caves.

Then Tane said, “You may go now and live your new lives.”

Retold by R.S.

Tane’s Weta

In the beginning Tane created a beautiful forest. He made some animals. One of those animals was called Weta. Tane commanded the six wetas to forage across the forest floor cleaning the forest.

One night Tane was walking in the forest where weta was working. Tane accidentally trod on five weta. Then the last weta crawled on to Tane’s toe and Tane looked down at Weta.

Weta said, “You have squashed five weta.”

“Whoops! I didn’t see them,” said Tane. “I will turn you into five different types of weta. There will be five types of weta because I squashed five.”

“The first group will be called Giant Weta. They live under bark and they live alone. The second group are the Tree Dwellers. The male Tree Dweller has a long ferocious head.”

Tane moved closer to the third group. “You will be small, but not so small I can’t see you. You will have long legs to jump away from predators.” By the wave of his hand he created Ground Weta.

Tane started to walk over to the fourth group. He said, “You will be the Tusked Weta. The male will have tusks. The female doesn’t have tusks. The male fights to protect their burrows.”

Finally Tane walked over to the last group. “You will be Cave Weta. You will live in caves and you will have amazing jumping skills.”

Now they all set off to their new homes.

Retold by C.O’N.

Tane’s Weta

In the beginning somebody called Tane created beautiful forests with lots of animals.

One day Tane didn’t see the weta and they got squished.  On Tane’s foot there was the father of the Weta that got squished.  Tane felt sorry for the father weta.  So Tane gave them strong hard armour.

The first weta was called Giant Weta.  The second was the Cave Weta.  The third was the Ground Weta.  The fourth weta was quite an ugly one, the Tusked Weta.  And the last is my favourite the Tree Weta.

Retold by M.M.

Tane’s Weta

Once upon a time Tane created a beautiful with a lot of trees reaching up to the sky.  All the trees and ferns made the forest very dark.  Among the insects Tane created a small, soft bodied insect that Tane called weta.

“Weta, said Tane, “ you can help me by making the forest clean and tidy.”

One day when Tane was walking in the forest he walked on the weta’s children.  Weta jumped onto Tane’s foot and said, “When you were walking in the forest you stepped on my five children and crushed them.’

Then Tane said, “ I will make you a hard body.” And then Tane made them a hard body.

Then Tane made five groups of weta.  Ground Weta, Tree Weta, Tusked Weta, Cave Weta and Giant Weta.

Tane said to the first group, “ You shall be the giants amongst all weta and will have a careful nature.  Your home will be in hideaways.  You can kick with your back legs.”

Then he said to the second group, “You will be big, but not giant and you will make your home in trees.”

Tane went to the third group and said, “You will be small, but not too small that I can’t see you when I walk through the forest.  You can jump easily.”

Then he said to the fourth group, “You will have bug tusks to defend yourself.”

Then Tane said to the fifth group, “You will live in caves and have long legs.”

Then after Tane created all the weta, the weta disappeared from Tane’s sight and they went to their new homes.

Retold by K.F.

Tane’s Weta

Once upon a time Tane created a forest and he said, “Weta can you please clean the forest floor at night?”

One night Tane went for a walk in the forest .  He crushed five weta.  The sixth weta jumped on Tane’s foot and he said, “You have crushed five of my children.”

Tane said, “At the end of the night you will have a Tusked Weta, Cave, Tree, Ground and Giant Weta.”  They all had thick skins so he couldn’t crush them.

Retold by J.F.

Tane’s Weta

In the beginning Tane created a beautiful forest with giant trees.  Lizards crawled, birds sang and insects buzzed.

But then Tane stepped on five weta.  So Tane gave them five new protections.

They were cave weta which lived in caves and Giant Weta that lived in bark, bushes and river flats.  Then there’s Tree Weta that live in forest trees and Ground Weta that live in tunnels in the earth.  Finally Tusked Weta that live in tree holes.

At the end some went far and some went near and they all lived in their new homes.

Retold by H.P.