Player of the Day

Player of the Day

Player of the Day

Last Saturday I played Rugby.

I play for Melville and we played Varsity. I got 7 tries and player of the Day. My position is wing. For player of the day I got a ribbon, then we went to the club rooms at 5.00 and I waited for my name to be called out and they told me to come up and get my hoodie. It has Melville and Player of the Day on it.

By SteMat

[via email]

The Hamilton Gardens

On Saturday I went to the Hamilton gardens.

In the Victorian gardens we went to catch tadpoles. We got lots of them in fact we got so many the pond was nearly empty of its tadpoles.

In the jungle part of the glass house building we saw 3 pitcher plants, one was yellow, one was green, and one was red. In the desert part of the glass house building we saw some BIG cactus.

In the lake we saw the koi carp fish jumping out of the water, they catch mosquitos. A swallow was catching mossies too.  We saw the live  turtle that was lucky, but one of the only things we didn’t see was the eel.It was a great day becauseyou don’t see the turtle or the koi carp fish jumping out of the water every day.

I found out that some of the car parks used to be net ball courts.

by EllLog
[originally posted on our wiki]

Thirty Thousand Page Views


It doesn’t seem long ago since Room 9 did this last year, but I just checked and our class blog has had 29, 169 visits. It took 3 years to reach 20,000 and just 6 months to reach nearly 30,000 visits.

On April 4, 2009...

On April 4, 2009...

We have about 100 visitors every day from all over the world, but that won’t be enough for us to reach 30, 000 before we finish school on Thursday afternoon.

It looks like we’ll have to celebrate our 30, 000 milestone after the holidays.  Well done to everyone who has published their writing, artwork, photos or movies.  Special thanks to the Room Niners, parents and family who have commented on blog posts and an extra special thank you to all the people in New Zealand and around the world who have visited and commented.

Cupcakes all round next term! [shall we make them and bake them ourselves?]

Mr F.

What Now Competition

At the weekend we made a video to enter a What Now! competition to win a MEGA DISNEY PACK!

by MatSav and GatMic

A Letter From Richie McCaw

richie blur edit

We all got a letter

On Monday we got a letter from Richie McCaw.

It asks us if we wanted to play for the Small Blacks.  We all said yes!

We play for Melville.  We play Rugby – it’s just what we do.

by SteMat, NatKan and ???
[image altered and “name” withheld at parental request]

Stick Insect

A Stick Insect

A Stick Insect

This morning my dad found a stick insect on our door.

He picked it up and put it in an old ice cream container with gladwrap on top.  He poked holes in the gladwrap with a fork.

I brought it to school and showed just about everybody in the school.  At morning tea Mr F took a photo of it.  I didn’t eat any morning tea because i was too busy with the stick insect.

A boy in another clasroom whacked the insect with his pink hat.  After that it has a broken leg.

After the bell went for the end of morning tea I stuck the stick insect on the tree outside Room 8.

I wonder if he’s still there?  He is!  We just went for a look and he has climbed higher up the tree.


by PedHun

The Weekend in Auckland

Sue the T-Rex

Sue the T-Rex

On Saturday, in Auckland, I had two choices.  Number one was to go to the museum.  Number two was to go to the star dome thing.

I chose the museum and it was really cool.  I saw a green moray eel and a moa.   I saw the dinosaur bones from the T-Rex named Sue.  I found out that the female T-Rex on Walking with Dinosaurs was Sue.  I also found out that the Auckland Zoo once had a male elephant.

I saw a species of Salmon in the Weird and Wonderful and in the Wild Child we saw a stuffed stoat or a ferret.

The next day was sunny in Auckland so I decided to go to the park.  When I was going out I saw a weta in the hole of the gate.  When I was on the bridge I saw fish in the stream.  I rushed to get my net.  I rushed down to catch one.  I kept on missing, but at the end, when I saw one under the weed, I caught one.

Later on we went to the pet store to get a pet. I saw some snake head turtles and some blue tongue lizards and a white goggley eyed fish and a bearded dragon and a litte puppy labrador.  Kelly decided to get a Siamese cat.  It meowed a lot in the car.  It was very shy.  When I last saw it she was in a corner.

I would have liked to have got a snake head turtle.

Illustrated and written by EllLog